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Our Chefs

Our Chefs

When it comes to food, practice makes perfect and with well over 100 years of shared experience catering for international safari goers from private camping safaris, overland safari group catering, right through to 5 star fine dining lodge cuisine our team of chefs will deliver perfection at every mealtime.

For those travellers with specific dietary preferences or allergies, our chefs have a list of alternate tasty options that can easily be prepared to ensure that even the most discerning food critic or sensitive stomach will be delighted.  The only thing our chefs ask is that they are given notice prior to safari so they can adequately prepare.

Junior Chefs & Camp Hands

Knowledge and experience is aparted to the team of junior chefs and camps hands by our senior  chefs in our own internal mentoring program. Junior chefs and camp hands are taken under the wing of senior chefs and safari guides.


Our Food Suppliers – Fresh is Best

SafariHQ realises the importance of delivering consistently good quality catering to our guests whilst on safari so our chefs only purchase fresh meat and produce from carefully selected suppliers locally in Arusha. SafariHQ has selected these suppliers for their reliability, the consistent quality of their meat and produce and of course the variety available.