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Our Mission


“To provide our guests with a Safari HeadQuarters
for all of their safari needs
whilst travelling in East Africa”

We are committed to ensuring that your holiday dreams become a reality. Whilst we are a new amalgamation, our hand selected team has a combined experience of well over 40 years in the African safari industry and international travel arena. We take great care to ensure that we provide our customers with safe, exciting, diverse and memorable adventures. You can have piece of mind in knowing that your complete satisfaction is our number one priority.

SafariHQ Ltd. is a Tanzanian registered Company and licensed tour operator in Arusha, Tanzania. We offer a diverse range of safaris to all national parks and game reserves in Tanzania.  We have adventures to suit everybody.  Whether you are after a family safari, a luxury experience, a classic safari, beach break, conservation safari, adventure safari, a flying safari, or a seniors safari we have an itinerary that will interest you. If you would like a more individualized itinerary we are able to custom design one around your wishes.  Add to this an exhaustive list of optional activities such as (but not limited to)ballooning, camel safaris, horse riding, fishing safaris, cultural visits to the Masaai and Hadzabe bushmen, Gorilla trekking, walking safaris, and a relaxing beach break in Zanzibar and we give you our personal guarantee that you will have one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life while on safari in Africa.

Let the Adventure Begin!