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Our Vehicles

Vehicles designed with safety, comfort and convenience in mind

SafariHQ is focused on ensuring that your once in a lifetime experience is memorable for the right reasons and not the wrong. We have specifically designed our large fleet of Landcruiser and Landrover vehicles to maximize your safety, game viewing experience, comfort and convenience whilst on safari.We have thought long and hard about what is required in a vehicle to ensure you experience is memorable for all the right reasons.


All vehicles are equipped with seat belts for all children and adults on board, fire extinguishers, comprehensive first aid kits, 2 way radios and cell phones so our drivers can maintain 24 hour contact with national park headquarters and the SafariHQ team if in need of urgent assistance.Battery powered refrigeration is fitted into each vehicle ensuring your drinks, snacks and foods stay safely chilled for the duration of your safari. Bottled water is provided to all guests when on game drives.

Mechanically Superior Vehicles

Prior to your safari, your vehicles will be checked from bonnet to boot, tyre to rooftop by our SafariHQ mechanical staff and driver guides to ensure that they are in good condition before setting out on safari. Obviously, because of the very nature of our business and the roads that we travel we still occasionally have problems. When this happens, SafariHQ has well established contingency procedures to ensure that the interruption to your safari is minimized because of mechanical problems.

360’Game Viewing

All vehicles are custom designed with pop-up roofs so you can enjoy 360 degree viewing of wildlife whilst on your safari. The pop-up roofs also provide protection from the sun on the hotter days so you can enjoy the scenery in comfort.

P.A Systems for Clear Communication on Safari

There is no use having the best guide on safari if you cannot hear them. SafariHQ is the only company in Tanzania that has taken this important issue into consideration as we have installed public address systems in all of our vehicles so your guide will always be able to communicate clearly no matter where you are sitting.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience

All of our safari cruisers or safari Landrovers either have 5 seat or 7 seat configurations to cater for the single enthusiast right through to large family / travel groups. These configurations guarantee that everybody has a window seat and access to the photographic roof hatch at all times during the safari. For additional comfort and convenience all vehicles are fitted with extra dust proofing, 12 Volt inverter plugs to keep your cameras, torches and computers charged throughout your safari, drink holders for those bumpy roads, refrigerators, binoculars and a selection of field guides to satisfy even the most inquisitive enthusiast.