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Permanent Camp
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Chimps Nest

Budget Standard Luxury Campsite Permanent Campsite Lodge Hotel

Fast Facts

  • Self contained cottages
  • Self contained tree houses
  • Family cottages
  • Backpacker rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Bar

General Information

The lodge was built ¬†on the border of Kibale Forest, on a beautiful piece of land with a splendid view of Kibale Forest and the snow capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains As the name implies, Chimps’ Nest is often visited by monkeys, chimps, and forest elephants.

A visit to Chimps’ Nest means you will have a good and comfortable stay in our original and cozy self-contained cottages, family cottage or self-contained tree houses. Our restaurant serves tasteful meals in a warm and inviting environment where you can enjoy our friendly service. All cottages are positioned to guarantee optimal privacy. From your private balcony you can enjoy the wildlife and the magnificent view of Kibale Forest, with the surrounding sounds of birds, monkeys, chimps and elephants.

Chimps’ Nest cares about preserving the environment and natural resources; local people built it using natural materials and the electricity we use is solar powered (you can charge your batteries for your cameras at the reception). All this makes Chimps’ Nest an eco-friendly lodge.


The lodge is on the border of Kibale Forest, its situated near Nyabubale a small village between Nkingo and Bigodi.