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Permanent Camp
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Selous Private Camp

Budget Standard Luxury Campsite Permanent Campsite Lodge Hotel

Fast Facts

  • Limited to 4-6 tents with a maximum of 12 guests
  • En-suite bathroom
  • Swimming pool
  • Dining area
  • Bar

General Information

Selous Safari Camp is a classic luxury tented camp located on the banks of Lake Nzerakera in the most prolific and thrilling game viewing area of the Selous. North camp caters for 6 tents and the South camp caters for 7 tents, each with its own pool, dining and main area providing a very personal and intimate safari experience. The North camp can be partly or completely booked (4-6 tents) to ensure the ultimate “private” exclusivity.

The spacious tents are luxuriously appointed, with en-suite bathrooms and open-air hot water showers. Ceiling fans are present in all the rooms situated above the king sizes beds where guests can rest away the exertions of the morning activity and cool down during the heat of the day before heading out again later.

The camp as a whole is comprised of two separate camps, North and South. North camp possessing 6 tents and South camp with 7 tents. In this way, there is never the feeling of having too many people around and each camp can provide a high level of seclusion enabling guests to become familiar with all their fellow travellers as well as the staff. Each section has its own swimming pool, well stocked bar and dining area, and each has its own kitchen where chefs produce the finest cuisine. All meals are complimented by a good wine selection. No movement between camps is required as each has its own host, game viewing vehicles, jetty for boat safaris and walking guides

Hippos moving through the camp are a nightly occurence and some of Selous elephant frequently meander between the tents looking for a late night snack. The African sound of whooping hyenas and bellowing hippos is a constant background medley throughout the night causing the more wary traveller to check tent zips are secured.


Selous Private Camp is located in the Selous Game Reserve on the shores of Lake Nzerakera, a massive lake joining the Rufiji River.