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Permanent Camp
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Serengeti Under Canvas

Budget Standard Luxury Campsite Permanent Campsite Lodge Hotel

Fast Facts

  • 8 tents
  • Personal butler
  • En-suite bathroom
  • Dining tent

General Information

Carefully positioned to bring guests as close as possible to the magnificent natural spectacle of the great migration, the two Serengeti Under Canvas camps are situated at a variety of private campsites throughout the national park and move according to the path of the migratory herds. A comfortable game drive brings guests into the midst of moving masses of wildebeest and zebra, ready to witness the natural drama as herds brave obstacles and predators to reach rich grasslands.

The solitary magnificence of the Serengeti is offset by the warm service and simple luxury of this ultra luxury style accommodation. From the moment you awaken to the sound of the al fresco bucket shower in your en-suite bedroom being topped up with hot water, your African adventure safari has begun.

Crisp linens and crystal chandeliers furnish the spacious tents lend and lend an air of extravagance to your grand experience at Serengeti Under Canvas. To add to this indulgence you will enjoy having your own personal butler to tend to your every need.

A dedicated sitting and dining tent provides deep sofas from which to contemplate the vastness and peace of the surrounding landscape. Custom made Indian rugs and polished brass samovars add a touch of elegance and romance.



Serengeti Under Canvas is located in the central area of the Serengeti National Park.