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How Much Do I Pay?

Is there an additional charge for solo travellers on African safaris?

All safari prices are quoted based on double occupancy. Solo travellers who want their own room pay per person price plus the single supplement fee. A single supplement fee is a fee imposed by hotels, lodges and camps on individuals travelling alone who want private accommodation.

How much do I tip?

Our general recommendation is to tip moderately – in accordance with the level and quality of service provided. The following guidelines are generally accepted practice (per person): Safari guides(s) – US $  20 per day, Cook – US $ 15 per day,  Camp staff – US $ 10 per day, as a pooled tip to be shared among the housekeeper, waiters, bartender, etc.

For porters and waiters at hotels and for taxi drivers in cities, the customary tip is approximately US $ 4. (Tipping in US $2 bills for porters and waiters is greatly appreciated).

What currencies are acceptable?

The unit of local currency is the Tanzania Shilling (TZS). American dollars in cash or travelers cheques are acceptable in many places around town (note: AMEX Traveler cheques are often not accepted). Credit cards are accepted only in big hotels, and if you do manage to find a place to use them there will usually be a surcharge of at least 10%. Please note not to bring old US $ currency, as they are not accepted here!

How much money should I bring on safari? cash, credit Cards, eftpos or travellers cheques?

You will need very little spending money on most safaris as the majority of meals and activities are included in your package cost. You will need to pay for lunch, dinner, and drinks when you are staying at hotels on a bed and breakfast basis as is the case at most lodges and hotels in cities. Bills may be settled by $USD cash, by travellers cheque, or by credit card (accepted at most lodges, camps, hotels). Ensure all your dollars are of year 2,000 and above series and not of 1990’s. The dollars of 1990’s are often rejected in banks and bureaus; this is due to a large number of counterfeit notes in circulation worldwide of the 1990’s series.

Credit cards may be used in large towns, at restaurants and shops with MasterCard and Visa being most accepted. However, use may be restricted in small towns and country areas and non-existent in small retail shops.

Automatic teller machines (ATM’s) are situated outside the Airport upon arrival and also outside the shopping malls in towns and cities in East Africa and international credit cards can often be used to withdraw currency. However, as Africa is unpredictable please do not rely on ATM machines for your currency needs.