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Boating Safaris


  • Experience the sights and sounds of Africa’s waterways
  • Unique perspective from a boat
  • Observe crocodile, hippo and waterbird species up close
  • Observe animals that approach for water


Boating through the rivers, ocean bays, and waterways of Tanzania can be an exhilarating experience. River boating can take you past sleeping crocodiles and hippos sunning themselves with their mouths wide open, gathered in half-submerged herds. Taking to the water is also a welcome break from the all-day enclosure of a traditional vehicle safari, and allow visitors to experience the sights and sounds of Africa’s waterways up-close and unhindered. On Tanzania’s large freshwater lakes, boats are a popular means of transport and offer visitors the chance to see life on the water – the fishermen bringing in their catch, the bustling colours of the lake shore towns, the sharp movements of small fish in shallow waters.

Boating safaris are fast becoming a popular alternative for safari-goers adventurous enough to venture off the beaten track. Water-safaris are on offer as a break from longer game-viewing and give visitors the opportunity to get out in the open and see tremendous amounts of bird-life and water species up close. At present, boating safaris for game-viewing are only permitted in Selous Game Reserve, where the Rufigi River, the Great Ruaha River, and numerous lakes give visitors a choice of many expeditions to choose from. Despite the proximity of crocodiles and hippos during water safaris, the expeditions are extremely safe and the animals react with puzzled curiosity to the sight of boats on water!


Selous Game Reserve

Saadani National Park

Lake Tanganyika