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Cultural Tours


  • Authentic cultural experience
  • Observe traditional tribes and villages
  • Historical and informative
  • Up close and personal with the people of East Africa


SafariHQ has a wide selection of cultural tours to supplement your African adventure. Cultural tours are about getting a unique perspective of a place through its history and traditions. Immersive, historical, informative and enlightening, cultural tours will help you get under the skin of destinations.

Tanzania is endowed with the rich cultural heritage of 120 ethnic tribes. We can organise a cultural tour to provide you with an authentic cultural experience that combines nature, folklore, ceremonies, dances, rituals, tales, art, handicrafts and warm hospitality and give a unique insight into their way of life.

Cultural tours are perfect for those that like to immerse themselves in different cultures and really experience a country, its history, its customs, its people and its lifeblood. We strongly suggest dropping us a line at SafariHQ so that we can provide you with further detailed information on the many interesting and varied tours that we have on offer.


Village Tours

A trip to Tanzania is not complete without a cultural visit to the local indigenous tribes of this beautiful country. There is probably no better way to explore the cultural richness of the indigenous tribes then partaking in a walking safari led by a local guide.

If a cultural walking safari sparks your interest SafariHQ can organize your itinerary to incorporate one of these rewarding experiences. We have many cultural activities available for you to experience and we have highlighted a few of our favourite tours below.

Tengeru Village

Tengeru is located 12 kms from Arusha. The village stands as a peri-urban village with homesteads situated in a lush green canopy of bananas. The villagers are involved in sustainable small scale farming. The tours start from the homestead of Mama Gladness, where you will be briefed on the history and culture of the community of this area. There are 3 day tours available for this village, you may choose to go on a coffee plantation tour and visit Lake Duluti enjoying a walking and bird identification tour, another tour will take you to the local tree planting project, where you may join in and help preserve the environment on the foothills of Mount Meru, this tour ends with a visit to the local waterfall. The 3rd tour involves a visit to the 2 primary schools – one is for handicapped children and the other is a primary school – you will visit and play with the children, then after lunch you will visit and old stone quarry site developed after WWII where more than 100 refugees from Poland were bought to Arusha. Most of them died of malaria and influenza and were buried in this area.

Mto wa Mbu:

Another popular cultural tour SafariHQ recommends is a visiti Mto wa Mbu, where a lot of indigenous Tanzanian tribes co-exist peacefully. Walking is at a leisurely pace to enable you to interact with the beautiful and friendly faces of the village residents. You will visit the school and meet the children, visit the hospital and the village bar. Afterwards you can enjoy a deliciously flavoured local lunch prepared for you by a local resident.

Orphanage Visit

Orphanages in Tanzania serve underprivileged children who have no family to take care of them. The children are delighted to have foreigners come visit so they can showcase their artwork and practice their english speaking skills. The children will be so excited and welcoming with their infectious large smiles that it can be quite hard to leave. Any small donation(money or a small gift) is welcomed and goes a long way to help take care of these children.