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Maasai Boma Visit


  • Observe the Maasai’s traditional way of life
  • Tour of their boma
  • See how they teach their children
  • Observe their unique culture
  • Watch the Maasai do their traditional welcome dance

We offer traditional Maasai safari holidays

Another of our most popular short tours is the Maasai tribe safari, which is based around a visit to a traditional Maasai Boma (dwelling). This tour is led by a local guide and you will be told about tribal customs and the methods in which they build their dwellings. The village we visit still preserves the traditional Maasai way of life and you will be enthralled by the truly wonderful and inspiring tales that these people will tell you about their history and way of life. You will also get a chance to learn how the Maasai women make their beautifully coloured and intricate jewellery. The money raised from the sale of their traditional jewellery goes directly back into the local community. In addition, when you join our Maasai Mara safaris you will be able to watch a traditional welcome dance – something truly special that is sure to become a lifelong memory.

Longer tours and walks can also be organised when you book a Maasai safari tour. These walks take place in the Ngorongoro Highlands. The Maasai’s knowledge of nature and their unique link to this beautiful land will captivate you. Being up close and personal with nature while walking with a Maasai guide along the deeply spiritual trails their predecessors have trodden for hundreds and hundreds of years is an experience that will surely become the highlight of your visit to this magnificent country.

If you want to book a Maasai Boma safari in Africa, be sure to contact us here at SafariHQ, as we are the experts when it comes to professionally guided tours of the area!