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Set Safari Departures

Join the Herd on a Migration through Tanzania's Best Parks

Can’t decide on a safari?

Prefer the company of other like minded people on holidays?

Why not join one of the SafariHQ set departures through the most popular National Parks of Tanzania?

Set departures are ideal for travellers that are wanting to share their experience with other guests on safari. SafariHQ has carefully designed each itinerary to provide the most exhilarating wildlife safari experiences through some of Tanzania’s most iconic and internationally famous National Parks. The accommodation chosen is well recognised, offers an exceptionally high level of service and comfort and each lodge is ideally positioned to maximise game viewing experiences for our guests.





Tanzania Simba Safari - 7 Days

Tanzania Simba Safari - 7 Days

Join this set departure safari through Tanzania's iconic national parks. We have designed the safari for you to maximise your wildlife viewing and all you need to do is choose the date.